For Prospective Students


Detailed information on applying for admission to the University of California @ Berkeley is available online at this website. Students are encouraged to use the online application, but it is also possible to download and print a paper application form at the link above.

All students must submit an application by the date set by the University.

The Department of Anthropology does not review undergraduate admission applications or play any role in determining who is admitted as an undergraduate to the University of California. We also do not receive copies of any transcripts you submit to the University.

Transfer Students

As a transfer student you should consult with the Undergraduate Advisor in the Anthropology Department, before (or very early into) your first term at UCB to map out a plan for completing major requirements, and to review the courses you completed prior to arriving at Cal.

Transfer students should attempt to satisfy prerequisites (Anthro 1, 2, 3) before arriving at UCBerkeley. Visit the ASSIST web site to help determine which courses offered at California Community Colleges can be used to satisfy major pre-requisites.

If you complete Anthropology courses any place other than a California Community College, Faculty will have to review the classes to determine if they can be used to fulfill any of the major requirements. Students must provide a course description and detailed syllabus for each class they want evaluated.

As a transfer applicant you must indicate your intended major on the UC application. However your official status upon admission is undeclared. See How to Declare the Major/Minor for details on how to proceed with declaring the major once admitted.

The College of Letters and Science requires that transfer students officially declare a major in their first semester at Cal; failure to do so can result in a registration block.