Undergraduate Research

Anthropology undergraduates enjoy a wide range of opportunities to get involved in research. For some, this will lead to the completion of a senior thesis; see Information for Current Majors for details on this option. To find a research project in which you may be involved, search this directory of faculty and graduate student research projects open to undergraduates.

Many anthropology faculty and graduate students also offer opportunities for undergraduates to collaborate in research projects through the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program; specific projects change each year or even each semester, so be sure to check for new opportunities.

Summer research projects directed by faculty or graduate students specializing in archaeology, and laboratory analysis of recovered materials during fall and spring, may accept volunteers, depending on specific requirements and your individual talents and experiences.

Other research opportunities may arise through coursework with faculty, including coursework in ethnographic and archaeological methods. Check the listings of upcoming courses to see if there are any that will offer this kind of opportunity.

Students who are accepted as volunteers to work in the Hearst Museum of Anthropology can petition to receive credit as interns under the supervision of an appropriate faculty member. Talk to the Undergraduate Advisor for more information about this possibility.