Undergraduate Student Organizations

Anthropology Undergraduate Association

AUA is a student group at UC Berkeley dedicated to the enrichment of the academic and social lives of anthropology students. Membership is free every semester, and is open to all students at UC Berkeley, faculty and staff. It is not necessary to be a member to take part in most activities.The Anthropology Undergraduate Association meets every Monday from 1:00-2:00PM in the AUA office at 2224 Piedmont, room 1/3 in the basement (the entrance is on the south side of the building, not on the facade).

AUA Officers and Contact Info:

     Michael Sadighian: msadighian@berkeley.edu
     Carol Perez: perezcarol25@berkeley.edu
      Erin Riggs: e_riggs@berkeley.edu
     Alicia Levine: leeshlevine@gmail.com
     Brian Campbell: revolvingsound@gmail.com
     Vernon Matthews: vernoncmatthews@berkeley.edu