Name Contact Information and Office Hours Special Interests
Sabrina C. Agarwal
Associate Professor
Curriculum Committee Chair
Office 212 College, Lab 195 Kroeber
Office 2-4489, Lab 3-8393
Bioarchaeology, biological and evolutionary anthropology, osteology and osteoporosis, health and disease, paleopathology.
James N. Anderson
Professor Emeritus
232 Kroeber
Social and economic organization and change, ecology/economy, population, medical anthropology, social development, Southeast Asia with emphasis on Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Stanley H. Brandes
309 Kroeber
Ritual and religion; food and drink; the anthropology of alcohol use; visual anthropology; and the cultural anthropology of Mediterranean Europe and Latin America (emphasis on Spain and Mexico).
Charles L. Briggs
Folklore Chair
333 Kroeber
Folklore, linguistic and medical anthropology, social theory, modernity, citizenship and the state, race, and violence.
Lawrence Cohen
Graduate Advisor for Medical Anthropology
319 Kroeber
Social Cultural Anthropology, Medical and Psychiatric Anthropology, Critical Gerontology, Lesbian and Gay Studies and Feminist and Queer Theory.
Elizabeth F. Colson
Professor Emerita
232 Kroeber
Politics, religion, social organization, social change, migration, anthropological history and theory, ethnography of Africa and North America.
Margaret W. Conkey
Professor Emerita
2251 College, Room 207
Prehistoric archaeology, hunter-gatherers, prehistoric art and symbolism, gender studies in archaeology; Old World, Southwestern Europe.
Terrence W. Deacon
329 Kroeber, Lab 332 Kroeber
Brain development and evolution, origins of language, bio-cultural evolution, emergence.
Nicholas Dirks
Phyllis C. Dolhinow
Professor Emerita
232 Kroeber
Physical anthropology, primate social behavior, ecology, development, human behavior and evolution.
Mariane C. Ferme
Associate Professor
321 Kroeber
Office hours: On Sabbatical 2014-15
West Africa and Sierra Leone; sociocultural theory and methods; history of anthropology; the political imagination; access to justice and transitional justice institutions; materiality.
Daniel Fisher
Assistant Professor
323 Kroeber
Social Cultural Anthropology; Anthropology of Media; Aboriginal Australia; Music and Sound; Art and Expressive Practice; Ethnographic Film and Video; Citizenship and the State; Bureaucracy
Nelson H. Graburn
Professor Emeritus
307 Kroeber
Social structure and kinship, ethnic arts, tourism, museums; Circumpolar peoples, Japan.
John A. Graham
Professor Emeritus
232 Kroeber
Mesoamerican culture history, particularly Maya and Olmec archaeology and art, Maya epigraphy, history of archaeology.
Junko Habu
2251 College, Room 203; Lab 312 and 314 Kroeber
Office: 3-2645, Lab: 3-2837
Office hours: On Leave Spring 2015
Hunter-gatherer subsistence and settlement, prehistoric Jomon hunter-gatherers in Japan, East Asian archaeology, ceramic analysis, historical archaeology in Japan, archaeology and society.
Eugene A. Hammel
Professor Emeritus
2232 Piedmont #204
Social anthropology, statistical and formal analysis of social anthropological data, computer applications, peasant society and culture, demography; Europe.
William F. Hanks
315 Kroeber
Maya culture, language in culture, discourse, cognition and communication, shamanism, the logic of anthropological inquiry, anthropology of literature.
Christine Hastorf
2251 College, Room 215; Lab 65 Kroeber
Office 2-5457, Lab: 4-4498
Food and agriculture, archaeology, political complexity, gender, paleoethnobotany; Andes.
Cori Hayden
Department Chair and Associate Professor
327 Kroeber
Office hours: Monday, 4-6 pm
Anthropology of science, technology, and medicine; Latin America (particularly Mexico); post-colonial science studies; kinship, gender, and queer studies.
Charles Hirschkind
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for Social Anthropology, Socio-Cultural House Head
113 Kroeber
Religion, anthropology of the senses, media theory, language and performance, Islam and the Middle East.
Seth Holmes
Assistant Professor (Medical Anthropology & Public Health) Medical anthropology, transnational im/migration, race and racism, gender and queer studies, the naturalization and normalization of social and health inequalities, symbolic violence, Latin America, the United States.
James Holston
303 Kroeber
Cities and citizenship; political theory, democracy, and law; planning and architecture; urban ethnography; Brazil, the Americas.
Rosemary Joyce
Graduate Faculty Advisor, Archaeology
2251 College, Room 207; Lab Room 209, 211C
Settlement patterns, symbolism, and social organization in complex societies; analysis of archaeological ceramics; Central America.
Patrick V. Kirch
Professor Emeritus
2251 College, Room 206; Lab in Room 14
Prehistory and ethnography of Oceania, ethnoarchaeology and settlement archaeology, prehistoric agricultural systems, cultural ecology and paleoenvironmentalism, ethnobotany and ethnoscience, development of complex societies in Oceania.
Kent Lightfoot
Archaeology House Head
2251 College, Room 213; Lab, 55 Kroeber
Office hours: On Leave Spring 2015
Coastal archaeology, California, Southwestern and Northeastern archaeology and ethnography, theoretical issues of coastalhunter-gatherers.
Xin Liu
301 Kroeber
Social cultural anthropology, history and/of anthropology, contemporary trends in social theory, development and culture, China/East Asia.
Lisa Maher
Assistant Professor
2251 College Room 204; Lab in 1 Kroeber
Prehistoric Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Micromorphology, Palaeolithic, Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic periods, hunter-gatherers, archaeological method and theory, lithic analysis, emergence of social complexity, origins of agriculture, Pleistocene/Holocene, mortuary archaeology, Near Eastern, North African and Arabian Prehistory, Public Archaeology.
Saba Mahmood
Associate Professor
Graduate Faculty Advisor
117 Kroeber Hall
Religion, secularism, law and politics, ethics, gender and sexuality, Islam, the Middle East, Europe.
Donald S. Moore
Associate Professor
331 Kroeber
Cultural politics; race, ethnicity, and identity; spatiality and power; governmentality; development; environment; postcolonial theory; Africa
Laura Nader
313 Kroeber
Office hours: Tue/Wed 12:30-2
Cultural anthropology, comparative methods, law, dispute resolution, controlling processes, kinships, professional mind-sets, Middle East, Mexico, and U.S.
Aihwa Ong
317 Kroeber
Cultural anthropology, modernity, transnationalism, citizenship, global cities, migration. Southeast Asia, China, contemporary U.S.
Stefania Pandolfo
Associate Professor
Medical Anthropology Director
201 Kroeber
Cultural Anthropology, theories of subjectivity, postcolonial criticism, anthropology and literature; Islam, Middle East and the Maghreb
Herbert P. Phillips
Professor Emeritus
232 Kroeber
Psychological anthropology, art and literature as ethnography, elites; mainland Southeast Asia with emphasis on Thailand and Indonesia.
Jack M. Potter
Professor Emeritus
232 Kroeber
Social anthropology, classical social theory, peasants, change, ethnographic film; China, Thailand, U.S.
Paul M. Rabinow
311 Kroeber
Cultural anthropology, social thought, modernity, biotechnology, global genomics; France.
Nancy Scheper-Hughes
305 Kroeber
Critical Medical Anthropology, the anthropology of violence, madness and culture, inequality and marginality, childhood and the family, Ireland, Brazil, Cuba, South Africa.
Steven Shackley
Professor Emeritus
2251 College, Room 210
Geoarchaeology, North American Southwest, lithic technology and analytical chemistry in archaeology, hunter-gatherers.
William S. Simmons
Professor Emeritus Anthropology of religion, ethnohistory, folklore, North American Indians (particularly of California and New England), American pluralism.
Jun Sunseri
Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, Archaeology
2251 College, Rm. 214; Lab 197 Kroeber
Office: 664-4888, Lab: 2-4105
Colonialism, Foodways, Landscapes, Historical and Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage, Southwest US and Northern South Africa
Ruth E. Tringham
Professor Emerita
2251 College, Room 209
Office hours: email me
Archaeology, European (especially Central and Eastern), Mediterranean, and Anatolian Prehistory, Early Agriculturalists, Architecture, Household Archaeology, Feminist Practice of Archaeology, New Media
Laurie Wilkie
2251 College, Room 208; Lab 55 Kroeber
Historical and Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage, Household archaeology, US and Caribbean
Alexei Yurchak
Associate Professor
119 Kroeber
Discourse and power, language and social theory, theories of ideology, subjectivity, popular culture and ideology, Soviet and post-Soviet culture and society, post-socialism.

Visiting Scholars

Na Gong (Postdoc)

Christopher Ames (Postdoc)

Katharine Young

Zhongguang Niu

Heidi Kaspar (Postdoc)

Josephine McDonald