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Hunter-gatherer subsistence and settlement, prehistoric Jomon hunter-gatherers in Japan, East Asian archaeology, ceramic analysis, historical archaeology in Japan, archaeology and society.

Human-environmental dynamics, Climate change, Hunter-gatherers and small-scale societies, Local environmental movements, Sociopolitics of archaeology, Prehistoric and historic archaeology of Japan and East Asia. 



My research focuses on human-environmental interaction, human right, and long-term sustainability of human cultures and societies.  My research project in Japan use archaeological data to investigate the mechanisms of long-term culture change among prehistoric Jomon hunter-gatherers of Japan (ca. 14,000-500 BC).  Factors examined in this study include food and subsistence diversity, mobility of people, goods and information, social inequality, population, and climate change.  In Fall 2011, I am teaching Anthro 171, Anthropology of Japan: Environment, Energy and Contemporary Japanese Society, with a focus on nuclear power plant issues and industrial diseases in Japan.  Other undergraduate courses that I teach include Anthro 2 (Introduction to Archaeology), C125A (Archaeology of East Asia), C125B (Archaeology and Japanese Identity), 129 (Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers), and 134A (Field Methods in Archaeology: Field school in Japan).  

2251 College, Room 203; Lab 312 and 314 Kroeber
Office: 3-2645, Lab: 3-2837
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On Leave Spring 2015
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2011 Habu, J. and M. E. Hall

Climate change, human impacts on the landscape, and subsistence specialization: historical ecology and changes in Jomon hunter-gatherer lifeways.  InThe Historical Ecology of Small Scale Economies, edited by Victor D. Thompson and James Waggoner.  University Press of Florida: Gainesville, FL.

2009  Habu, J.

Working with Japanese colleagues: excavation of a Jomon pit-dwelling and storage pits at Goshizawa Matsumori.  The SAA (Society for American Archaeology) Archaeological Record 9(3): 18-21.

2008    Habu, J., C. Fawcett and J. M. Matsunaga (eds.)

Evaluating Multiple Narratives: Beyond Nationalist, Colonialist, Imperialist Archaeologies. 217pp.  Springer, New York.

2008  Habu, J.

Settlement growth and decline in complex hunter-gatherer societies: a case study from the Jomon period Sannai Maruyama site.  Antiquity 82: 571-584.

2004  Habu, J.

Ancient Jomon of Japan.  332pp.  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

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